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Convection + Radiation Heater
- Unique design, 360°foldable
- Graphene aluminum alloy heating element active cells,good for health
- Big heating area,multi direction & angle heating energy efficien,instant
heat & heat last for long time after turning off
- ECO-friendly:no toxic,no noise and no odors.
- 4 power levels controllable with remote control,WIFI smart APP and motion sensor

Keywords: Electrical Appliance

Home appliances are a small and essential part of our lives. However, many people do not know much about the life hacks of home appliances. So, today I share with you a few common household appliances and their life tips.
Household appliances
There are many household appliances, such as: microwave ovens, washing machines, rice cookers, refrigerators, etc., here I will not give examples one by one.
Household appliances of microwave ovens
Microwave oven is an essential kitchen appliance, but many housewives may share the same feeling, that is, the microwave oven in the use of food with grease stains after, it will become very difficult to clean. So, here's a tip, microwave oven cleaning remember not to use wire balls to clean, you can use grease remover mixed with water in proportion, and then nylon cloth, cleaning, that grease stains will naturally come off, and also convenient and simple.

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